Master’s thesis on the order – pros and cons

Master’s thesis is a very controversial topic.

In the following text, we will mention the pros and cons of using paid help while writing your diploma thesis. Let’s start with the fact that the compulsion to write master’s theses creates a demand for professional help.

Portals with announcements are full of private individuals and legal companies that offer support in the process of writing a master’s or bachelor’s thesis.

Buying a master’s thesis or helping with writing it has many pluses. Above all, time is saved. Many master’s theses are written on abstract themes, even theoretical cysts. From the point of view of the labor market, writing a diploma thesis on such a topic, it certainly will not help us anything. The use of paid assistance seems to be a good solution here. Another advantage of such a solution is certainly the saving of nerves. Not everyone has the nerves to withstand the constantly changing requirements of the promoter.

Let’s focus now on the minuses of using the diploma thesis (of course, help on request). First of all, we lose information that may be useful to us during our professional life. If the master’s thesis is closely related to our professional area, then knowledge gaps may emerge in the future. For example, during a job interview. Secondly, we must often spend large sums of money that involve the use of such services. Thirdly, buying a master’s thesis (or using help in creating it) is considered immoral. This is often seen as a scam.

Master’s thesis on the order and the labor market. Reflections.

Many employers do not look at the academic title of a job candidate. They are also not interested in his diploma thesis. What they are interested in is its potential and practical experience. Employers increasingly require practice in a given profession. It was not for nothing that Julius Caesar said that “the teacher of everything is practice.” There is a lot of work in it. Nowadays, the view is becoming more and more popular that studies should be treated as an addition to their professional work. Thanks to this approach, you can boast of a job interview not only with a diploma, but also with practical skills learned from work.